5 Remarkable Benefits of Employee Retention Coaching That Will Surprise You!

1.) To Help Retain Star Employees

About [tweet_dis]28% of employees will think about getting a new job this year[/tweet_dis], and 15% are actively doing so. Around 26% are unhappy… This is bad news for employers, who have to use up resources finding and replacing outgoing employees. ~ Bolste’s Industry Report

Regularly losing your brightest talent is a costly mistake. According to Bostle’s Industry Report,  “About 28% of employees will think about getting a new job this year, and 15% are actively doing so. [tweet_dis]Around 26% are ‘unhappy, unmotivated, not stimulated, bored and stifled, or indifferent with their current job,’[/tweet_dis] and [tweet_dis]‘American employees most commonly feel their employers don’t value their ideas (20%) and independent working skills (21%).‘”[/tweet_dis]

2.) To Help Improve Employee Work-Life Balance

Career satisfaction and work-life balance are the top reasons American employees stay at their current jobs. 35% of employees say their top motivations for changing jobs are the desire for work/life balance. [tweet_dis]53% of Millennials say a healthy work-life balance would make them stay at their job.[/tweet_dis]

According to the same report, “‘…the elongated American workweek – which averages 47 hours – plays a role in the dissatisfaction rife among American workers. As previously mentioned, many things can eat away at employees with time (stagnant wages being a big one)’. The report also states that ‘work-life balance, career fulfillment, and a sense of purpose’ playing a role.“

3.) To Reduce Employee Burnout

Many jobs and industries have crunch times, where workers must work longer hours and handle a more intense workload for a time… It starts becoming problematic when crunch time occurs year-round and there’s no time for workers to recover.

The best thing any employer can do is regularly check in with employees about their hours worked, their level of satisfaction and listen to their concerns. [tweet_dis]Satisfied, engaged employees are more likely to stay with your company no matter what industry you’re in.[/tweet_dis] But overworked and burned out employees are eager to quit.

4.) To Increase Productivity

Americans who used all of their paid vacation were more likely to unplug while on their trips (54 percent vs. 37 percent) with 40% stating they are more productive when they return to work.

When companies select the top 20% most talented candidates for a role, they frequently realize a 10% increase in productivity, 20% increase in sales, 30% increase in profitability, 10% decrease in turnover and a 25% decrease in unscheduled absences.

5.) To Encourage Employee Growth

 [tweet_dis]87% of millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important.[/tweet_dis]

The top sources of work stress are low salaries (according to 51%) and lack of opportunity for growth and advancement (44%) according to the American Psychological Association. [tweet_dis]Top reasons why job seekers will leave for another job: more compensation (61%), location (42%), better work-life balance (40%)[/tweet_dis], health benefits (36%), growth opportunities (35%), company culture (21%) and leadership (15%).

High-Performance Coach | Writer | Speaker
Author: High-Performance Coach | Writer | Speaker
Marcia J. Hylton is a national award-winning entrepreneur, professional speaker, and professionally-trained coach who specializes in high-performance coaching and in training teams on the entrepreneurial mindset. Marcia is also publications contributor and was a briefly a cohost/contributor on CBS and Bloomberg radio for the Houston-area show, The Price of Business.

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