High Performance Coach | Marcia J. Hylton

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Hi. I’m Marcia J. Hylton — a high-performance certified coach and the founder of Improved Execution.

Over a period of approximately 20 years, I’ve trained, mentored, and coached teams in corporate environments and as CEO of my own 10-person company. I’ve often watched as organizations lost some of their brightest and most valuable team members with no explanation for that loss. Having been both an employee and an employer, I have observed and noted what happens when employees are inadvertently made to feel that their contributions aren’t fully valued. And sadly what’s missed is that there are often simple ways to remedy that. My time as an employer and my time in corporate America were great learning experiences.

I’ve since successfully completed a professional-level coaching certificate from an ICF accredited coaching school and have been working as a high-performance coach for corporate teams.