"Ask. Tell. Do!"
is an introductory
high-performance mini course

and it’s free! ASK. TELL. DO! — is designed to help team managers and HR executives open up communication for improved team performance and productivity. Register below, and give it a shot!

Author: Marcia Hylton, High-Performance Coach-Consultant, Certified [more info]


An effective questioning exercise that will reveal a lot about your team members’ mindset and will expose weaknesses in your team dynamics. It creates an opportunity to get back in touch with members of your team and it shows your team members that you are interested in knowing them better and in creating opportunities for them to win.


A simple sharing exercise that will help your team members’ understand each other’s current mindset and will highlight opportunities for improved communication. It helps team members and managers get back in touch with each other and it shows everyone involved that their thoughts matter and that the team performs best when everyone is a full participant.


This 3-part mini-course was designed to help team managers and  executives facilitate …


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