The Challenges of Stress Management for Type-A Personalities

Much of the work stress experienced by Type-A personalities are the result of an inner drive to excel at levels well beyond those set by their peers. Additionally, Type-As will generate stress based on their perception of the productivity of others within their group. If you are a Type-A personality, a life coach can work with you to [tweet_dis]learn ways to relinquish control,[/tweet_dis] learn and practice a variety of stress management techniques as well as maintain focus on areas of self-control.

There are many relaxation and stress management techniques that can work to deliver a calming effect on any Type-A professional. From a variety of physical exercises to listening to certain kinds of music to meditation, massage and more. [tweet_dis]A life coach can work with you to identify the technique best suited to your personality and goals, then help you work through developing these practices into lifetime habits.[/tweet_dis]

[tweet_dis]The highest achievers manage their time exceptionally well.[/tweet_dis] And as a Type-A personality, being a high achiever is always a priority. By choosing the right time-management techniques, you can improve your ability to function more efficiently – even when pressures are high and time is limited. There are many time management tools and techniques available to any professional.

As a Type-A professional, working closely with a life coach, you can first identify the best tools and techniques for you, then begin setting goals and practicing your chosen techniques. A life coach can assist with accountability and with working through the adjustment period until the new time management techniques become daily habits.

Many [tweet_dis]Type-A professionals take tremendous pride in work achievements[/tweet_dis]. And for a Type-A personality, achievements only count when they are perceived as being completed to perfection. If a project has received approval from a manager, a Type-A may still not be satisfied with the end results if they do not regard their accomplishment as perfect. If you are a Type-A professional, [tweet_dis]a life coach can work with you to identify areas where you are insisting on unattainable perfection[/tweet_dis] and help you work through a process to gain clarity and set more realistic standards.

Because Type-A professionals struggle with unattainable standards of perfection, being able to delegate responsibilities creates a genuine challenge. A great deal of internal dissonance is created for Type-A professionals when they are asked to relinquish control of a process and trust that a team member will deliver results in a way that a Type-A can find pleasing. If you are a Type-A professional, a life coach can work with you to resolve any control issues and develop a plan for determining when it is appropriate to delegate and how to do so effectively.

Type-A personalities are no different from others in their desire to lead a have a low-stress work environment. However, much of the stress, that Type-A people sense, are strictly driven by internal mechanisms. [tweet_dis]A life coach can help you to reduce stress and have more manageable work habits.[/tweet_dis]